There’s something about sunny South Africa with its clear blue skies and moderate climate that makes it the perfect place to enjoy the many air experiences on offer… Not to mention the amazing sights to behold.  Whether you’re an avid aviator or beginner bucket lister, you’re sure to enjoy what we have to offer.

The listings on this website are all facilitated by dedicated, qualified, and experienced pilots who offer everything from helicopter tours, hot air balloon rides, aerobatic flights and microlight flights, to mention but a few. 

Choose from light aircraft self-fly experiences to scenic flights over some of South Africa’s most beloved landmarks, and gain a new perspective from a bird’s eye view. 

Aviation enthusiasts usually enjoy stepping back in history by booking vintage flights in vintage aircraft, such as the awe-inspiring de Havilland Tiger Moth.  This air experience is a particularly popular choice for a birthday gift or corporate gift. 

If you’re going for something truly special to celebrate an important person, or you’re ready to pop the question, experts will tell you that you can’t go wrong with a picnic or champagne on top of a mountain.  How do you get there?  By booking one of our romantic helicopter rides, of course!

Always dreamed of flying?  Then you can’t go wrong with one of our skydiving packages.  The country's diverse terrain makes skydiving South Africa’s leading adventure air experience.  Soar across our spectacular landscapes as you enjoy the freedom you can only enjoy with flight.

The Bucket List Genie has secured some of the best air experiences with a number of providers across the country. It’s not easier and more affordable than ever to enjoy air experiences in South Africa.  Don’t let the opportunity to soar like an eagle pass you by.  Book your bucket list air experiences right now!