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The 5 love languages, by Gary Chapman provides a wonderful tool for loving relationships. This 5 love languages spa workshop is designed to use the love languages to create a very special day where you and your partner can relax and unwind in the care of our wonderful staff, and at the same time grow your relationship by learning about how to use your partners love languages.

The basic premise of the 5 love languages is simple: You and your partner may well express your love to each other in very different ways - the ways that you learned as a child. You expend a great deal of effort letting your partner know (using your own love language actions) that they are loved, but since they speak a different love language to you, they are just not "hearing" it, and vice versa. For your partner to feel loved, you need to learn to speak their love language, and they, in turn, need to learn to speak yours.

The good news is that this powerful relationship tool it is really easy to master. All you need to do is establish what your love languages are, and what the specific dialect of that language is for you, and your partner can aim straight for your heart, instead of floundering around wondering how to get through to you, and you can go around feeling loved instead of frustrated.

The 5 love languages are as follows:

  • Quality time
  • Affirmations
  • Acts of Service
  • Touch
  • Gifts

If, as a couple, you already know all about the love languages, this Spa Workshop will allow you to spend some time communicating and fine tuning your love language skills with your partner.

For those who do not know yet what their love languages are, and how the love languages work, this Spa Workshop includes the love languages training and helps you to establish what you your love languages are, and provides as structured opportunity to perfect the Love Languages skills in your relationship.

Of course the whole lot is done in the luxury of the Spa, while indulging in various treatments and hydrotherapies, as well as a light lunch and bubbly.

Booking a Love Languages Spa Workshop

  • This package is priced for two people
  • Allow: 4.5 to 5 hours. Starting Time is usually 10:30am.
  • Bring: You should bring a swimming costume for the spa bath hydrotherapy, and steam treatment.
  • You should let us know in advance:
    • If you have any dietary requirements
    • If you do not take alcohol, as the day is served up with sparkling wine.
    • If you have high blood pressure or are pregnant or have heart problems, as the heat therapies are contraindicated in these cases.

Inclusive of:

  • Love languages lessons
  • Love languages self test
  • Structured Love languages exploration sessions
  • Hydrotherapy treatments - Steam with body masque, private spa bath.
  • Hands on Therapies - Including: Full body massage, reflexology, head and face massage
  • Tea and muffins/cookies to start the day
  • Light lunch - roast chicken salad and desert.


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