4 Best Hot Air Ballooning Options in South Africa

Some people have bucket lists, and others have basket lists.

What’s that, you might ask? Well, while a bucket list is a list of general things to do, a basket list is dedicated to hot air ballooning. People with a basket list simply love hot air balloon rides, and they want to experience all the hot air ballooning venues to see the magnificent views from the most exquisite vantage points.

Whether you have a basket list or just a normal bucket list, we have put together a list of the best hot air ballooning South Africa has to offer. These four top destinations are perfect if you want to include an early morning flight with your proposal idea. There’s something about the perfect stillness of a crisp morning as the country awakens to the sun over the horizon that stirs the soul and creates an incredible sense of euphoria. That’s probably why balloon safaris are such a popular wedding gift and anniversary gift idea.

Whether you have romantic notions, or simply want to give it to a friend loved one as a birthday gift, you can’t go wrong with hot air balloon rides.

Here are the Bucket List Genie’s top 4 ballooning destinations in South Africa:

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