Learn to Fly in South Africa

If you have the enviable opportunity to visit South Africa, or to be blessed enough to live here, you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do.

Our vast, green country with an amazing climate in most parts all year round, allows us to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you feel like a swim at the beach, a delicious picnic , or whether you want to learn to fly – there’s never a dull moment.

Flying experiences make for great gifts.  So if you’re looking for an amazing gift experience for your loved one, we have you covered.

Attending an airshow is great, but the opportunity to board a helicopter or light aircraft takes it up a notch. In fact, learning to fly is one of the top items on most adventure seekers’ bucket lists. Admire the many famous landmarks and unique attributes that make for such a diverse country…

When it comes to gifts for him, you can’t go wrong with booking him a flight simulator gift experience. Even if that doesn’t include a pilot’s license, his gratitude will send Cupid’s little arrows flying right into your heart.

Bucket List Genie’s Top Learn to Fly Gift Experiences for Men

Light Aircraft Self-Fly at Lanseria Airport: Your instructor will spend an approximate on on one hour with you going over the aircraft using a checklist approach followed by a brief. Handle the controls while in flight and get the feeling of this exciting way of life. This is a basic introduction where you are exposed to the procedures of flying rather than a lesson in flying.

Light Aircraft Self-Fly in DBN: Your instructor will spend one on one time with you discussing the aircraft using a checklist approach followed by a brief and then he will take you to the skies where you will be able to handle the controls and get the feeling of this exciting way of life.

Light Aircraft Self-Fly in CPT: Experience the exhilaration of flight! Learn to fly with a structured and relaxed approach. Experience an Introductory Flight with a professional flight instructor.

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