21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Celebrating a loved one’s 21st birthday is a fun and exciting time for everyone involved. Turning 21 is a momentous milestone in a person’s life; however, if you factor in the nationwide lockdown and the possibility of celebrating with the masses is no longer a possibility; you may be in for a quiet night in.

When choosing the perfect 21st Birthday Gift, there are often many factors to consider; should you opt for a traditional/symbolic gift or a unique gift that your loved one will remember forever.

Answers.com states that the giving of a key “dates from an old tradition that at 21 years old, you were considered old enough to be a key holder to your family home, and thus hold a symbolically ‘senior’ position in the family. It’s an old tradition that has long since become irrelevant and obsolete, but the symbolism of the key on the 21st birthday lives on”. So, for those of you that are more traditional then I guess the key is the way to go for 21st birthday gifts. But then for those of you that want to step off the traditional path, Celestial Gift Experiences offers so many unforgettable gift experiences for the young at heart.

What better way to purchase the perfect 21st Birthday Gift than doing so in the comfort of your home while practicing social distancing of course.

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Below are a few of our favourite 21st Birthday Gift ideas that will not disappoint:

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