A Plethora of Quad Biking & Quad Bike Trail Options!

According to Celestial Gift Experiences “quad biking is a fantastic opportunity to really blow your hair back! If you have never quad biked before, you may feel a bit shy at first, but before you know it, you’ll be ramping all over the place just like everyone else.” I know that if I had to choose a motorsport to take part in I would definitely opt for a quad biking experiences. Quad biking has an element of fun that maybe a F1 self drive might not have…I guess it all depends on what your definition of fun is.

Celestial Gift Experiences have many different quad bike adventures on offer and one of then is a 60 minute quad bike bush adventure for one in Fourways, Johannesburg. I can imagine that 60 minutes of exhilarating fun and speed through nature definitely won’t be a disappointing experience. Also on offer is a quad bike safari and picnic for one or a quad biking safari with a picnic for two where you can “escape the city and head into the beautiful savannah grasslands of a privately owned game reserve where over 700 head of game roam. Explore this paradise either on horse back, quad or open game vehicle. Only 45 minutes from Johannesburg or Pretoria.” We really are lucky to be living in South Africa…one moment you are in a city centre and the next you are out in nature having the greatest adventure of your life.

Quad biking as a gift is a great idea for 18th birthdays or even 21st birthdays. If your brother is getting married you could treat him to a Quad biking EcoVenture for two and you can both “experience eco-friendly family fun. [The] nature trails vary in disciplines from beginner to experienced [and] competent guides take riders on Suzuki quads along the river’s edge through crossings and cliff faces.” This is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure.

Quad bike trails such as the advanced quad biking for one experience is a great gift to give yourself if you have just closed a big deal or it could also be a wonderful gift to give a work colleague as a corporative incentive.

Quad bike tours such as the discover nature quad biking in Grabouw, Cape Town is a “quad bike experience ideal for beginners [and it comes] with an introduction to [South Africa’s] spectacular environment. The tour is safe, easy going and allows enough time to explore the special floriculture and mountain scenery along with providing challenge and fun.” Another option would be the quad bike safari and snack for one in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.

Quad biking is a safe, fun, adventurous gift idea as well as being a great treat for yourself. Anyone who has a need for speed (but not too much speed) and a love of the outdoors will thoroughly enjoy any one these quad biking experiences.

Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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