The Lion Park Johannesburg

The Lion Park offers some very interesting experiences for everyone to enjoy.  No matter your age there will be a special experience at the Lion Park Johannesburg that will create a wonderful memory for you and your guests.

The Bucket List Genie recently enjoyed a reconnaissance mission to the Lion Park Johannesburg and experienced first-hand the various activities that you can enjoy.

The most popular attraction at the Lion Park Johannesburg has to be the Lion Cub interaction experience.  Here you are welcomed into the lion cub pen where you can touch and stroke the lion cubs.  They are so extremely cute and it’s quite hard not to suffocate them with endless affection.  The lion cub experience is very controlled so you can’t over do it, but each guest is given enough time to relax and play with the cubs.

Another great experience for local and international tourists is the Night Game drive followed by dinner.  The Lion Park Johannesburg is set on vast grounds which is the major drawing card.  This vastness is the home to various non-predator species to include various buck and antelope etc.  The Night Game drive includes a wonderful open truck experience throughout the game reserve followed by the Lion enclosure where you can watch the fully grown lions being fed.  After the game drive, clients can then enjoy a lovely relaxed dinner in the restaurant while discussing their wonderful evening.

The ultimate Lion Park Johannesburg experience has to be the Ultimate Lion Encounter with super skilled Alex Larenty.  Alex is a fearless and highly skilled animal handler and is in complete control of every ultimate lion encounter. Enjoy the ultimate experience with an expert animal behaviourist and watch as Alex massages the lions, baths the lions or gives them other pampering treatments.
Watch as Alex bonds, plays and interacts with these magnificent predators. This is most certainly a top bucket-list experience accomplishment.

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