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The Mother City is known for her natural beauty, which can be observed from many different vantage points. If you’re a trail runner who happens to be visiting the Western Cape for the first time, or if you’re a local simply looking for a way to blow off some steam, book a jog with our experienced trail running Cape Town guide. The perfect social-distancing adventure opportunity, your trail run will leave you feeling physically exhausted and emotionally rejuvenated.

While training for six extreme marathons, Odette discovered some hidden gems along her running trails. Now she wants to afford you the opportunity to run and scramble some of the most spectacular trail running routes in Cape Town with her.

No matter your pace – you don’t have to be marathon-fit! – Odette will provide guidance and encouragement as you traverse the diverse terrain and enjoy the unrivalled beauty of the Western Cape’s iconic mountains, colourful fynbos, dams, and waterfalls. Take in the views
while burning energy and getting fit.

Odette has completed adventure marathons on war zones as well as extreme adventure marathons. She was the third South African female to complete the Everest Trek-Marathon Experience.

Some of her other running achievements include completing:

Petra Desert
Great Wall Marathon
Polar Circle Marathon
Everest Marathon
Erbil Marathon, Iraq
Beirut Marathon, Lebanon

Bring along your camera, as you will want to capture some of the incredible sights along the way.

Book your trail running Cape Town experience today.

Whatsapp ~ 0848119163 to book.

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