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eCommerce Agency South Africa for world-class expertise at  fraction of the cost.

If you’re using the internet to enhance your business, you may want to consider hiring an eCommerce Marketing Agency. Also known as electronic commerce, eCommerce is the process of buying and selling products or services, making money transfers, or moving data via an electronic method – mainly the internet. In this way, businesses can conduct themselves in such a way that does not limit them to geography or time, in other words, they can be operational 24/7, year-round.

If you’re already using a digital agency to help you with your online marketing then it makes sense to use the same agency for all of your commercial needs, as often there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise under one roof. A good agency will be able to incorporate SEO Services and Web Site design for example. The point of having an established eCommerce Digital Marketing agency is not just to attract visitors to your site but to convert those visitors into paying customers. In addition to this, they can advise you on specific branding and marketing strategies to engage in, as well as assist you with the right content to attract the demographic you need to start converting those clicks into sales. | +27 848119163

One such agency that has the experience and industry know-how is eCommerce Virtual Services. EVS specialise in areas such as (but are not limited to):-

  • eCommerce Consulting and Management ~ With over 50 years of accumulated experience, EVS can audit and future proof your website and brand to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Copywriting ~ Engaging and clear content written specifically for you. Tailored to suit your audience and align with your brand, using blogs, email content and other strategies.
  • Programming and Technology ~ Experts to develop, maintain and customise your website as well as your bots and online shop platform, as well as a wide range of tech services.
  • eCommerce Virtual Assistance ~ Benefit from professional remote personal assistance without the overhead costs related to hiring an assistant in-house. They will handle all of the admin and other tasks you don’t have time for but need to get done. Freeing you up to focus on doing what you do best.
  • Digital Marketing ~ By using Google, social media, blogging – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), email and other techniques they will grow your business online and secure its digital footprint.
  • Graphics and Design ~ Their in-house qualified design technician can create or elevate your existing graphics to the next level.

So, to summarise, what are the benefits of hiring an agency such as eCommerce Virtual Services?

Well based out of South Africa, you’re paying for quality, and expertise at a fraction of the cost compared to domestic agencies. | +27 848119163

The team are English speaking and qualified professionals.  They have personal corporate work experience, during their time in London, and so understand the complexities and pressures related to an international market.  Furthermore, a dedicated design team make this an appealing website design agency as an attractive benefit.  As does being Google Certified, you’re benefitting from SEO expertise.  The time difference is, depending on the time of year, 1 or 2 hours, and so is aligned with your working hours.  The package is a real no-brainer.  Why pay more when an eCommerce PPC (Pay Per Click) Agency in South Africa can do all it for you?

For further information on this and other marketing services, visit | +27 848119163





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