Book an Advanced Driving Course in Gauteng

Advanced Driving Courses

Have you ever though about booking an advanced driving course?

Driving is a skill that many of us ‘think’ we have mastered but how well do you really know how to handle your car?

Our team of expert drivers are ready to help you achieve your ultimate driving dreams!

Celestial Gift Experiences have teamed up with some of the best driving schools in the country. We have courses for everyone ; from beginner to advanced ; you will always be in safe hands – especially behind the wheel with our expert instructors.

All of our advanced driving courses allow you to explore the thrill of driving in a controlled environment. You will be assigned a driving instructor who will teach you the tips and tricks of the trade.

Our very own BucketList Genie has compiled a list of her top 5 must do advanced driving courses in South Africa!

Coming in at first place, we have the Xtreme Ferrari Hot Lap experience. Feel the exhilaration and ultimate performance of what a proper Ferrari track car can do. This experience includes 4 laps.

In second place, we have the BMW Drifting Experience which takes place at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. Take to the track in a Pure BMW M and learn about over steering, Figure 8 Drifting and many more exciting manoeuvres.

In third place, we have the Rally Self Drive Experince. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you speed around the bushveld and, if you’re up for it, progress to the Special Stage. Here you will drive at high speed on a road you don’t know.  You will only have your navigator yelling instructions at machine-gun tempo. Can you keep your cool and prove that you’re a rally star?

In fourth place, we have the BMW Advanced High Performance Driving Experience. Learn the theory of operating dynamics with information from the world of motorsport. After completing a few laps under the guidance of an instructor, participants explore the optimum line around the bends on their own. 

In fiith place, we have the Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Track Experience. Learn how to manage the exhilarating performance of our Mercedes-Benz AMG. The main focus of this track session is safety training at high speed.

Visit Celestial Gift Experiences to book your next adventure experience with us!

Our Advanced Driving Courses make for the ultimate gift for anyone who loves adventure and powerful cars.

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