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If you thought that driving course experiences were just for men, then think again. Many of you will know quite a few women would jump at the chance to enjoy some driving day experiences on a driving course. Celestial Gift Experiences offers many exhilarating driving experiences for both men and women, but there are also two courses available that have been designed specifically for women. 

The Advanced Driving Course for Ladies offers women an opportunity to take their driving abilities to a whole other level. If you are a woman and you have been toying with the idea of adding a bit of speed in your life, then this is one of many driving day experiences that you will most definitely enjoy. Learn lane-changing techniques, get an understanding of braking and acceleration, and get informed about Hi-Jack prevention measures. This experience is for one person only, but it forms part of a group, so why not get some friends together and enjoy a day of speed (without getting any fines). 

The High Performance Driving for Gals is an experience a little more adventurous than the one just mentioned. This driving course experience will thrill and excite you like very few other things can. Taking place at the Zwartkops Raceway, this truly is an experience of a lifetime for any woman who has always wanted to let her down and speed off into the…well…distance (a sunset is not guaranteed). 

The driving academy and driving course experiences available for both men and women are just as memorable as the “ladies only” ones. The Audi Advanced Driving experience, also offered by Celestial Gift Experiences, is definitely one to consider if driving is your passion. Another amazing driving day experience is the Audi High Performance Driving experience, which takes place on the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. This driving course will satisfy any need you have for speed and exhilaration and, as with any of these experiences, you can get a group of friends together and make some memories that are truly unique. 

The wonderful thing about doing any of these driving day experiences is that you get to let loose and rev that engine in a safe and controlled environment – not many people will have that kind of an opportunity in their lifetime. Whether you are a woman or a man, driving course experiences are made to be enjoyed and are made to give ordinary people an opportunity to feel rather extraordinary (even if it’s only for a day) – speed, an Audi and a Grand Prix racetrack are guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day.

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Written and prepared by Klara Loots

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