Rally Driving: A Bucket List Experience To Remember

To borrow a line from the legendary Queen, sometimes, you want to just break free. Most of us follow the rules (at least those dictated by the actual law of the land) most of the time, including road rules and speed limits. But there comes a time when you want to go just a little bit crazy and fly down a dirt road at breakneck speed.

While we understand that laws and rules are there to keep us safe, we also want to enjoy the occasional cruise on the wild side. If that’s where you’re at right now, we have great news for you.

You can now drive like a madman (or woman), but safely and legally. How? Well, our facilitators have created a safe place for you on a farm in the North West Province. Here you can speed to your heart’s content, without the dangers of city traffic and massive fines – even jail time!

We’re proud to offer you a range of rally driving experiences tailored to your needs and your level of comfort. You will receive the training you need to understand how to make a success of your experience, and you can then enjoy actual rally driving first hand from the comfort of the hot seat under the guidance of a professional rally driver.

Rally Hot Lap during the Day – After your initiation, you will enjoy a hot lap around the specialist rally stage with a professional facilitator before heading into the bushveld for some real rally driving fun!

Rally Hot Lap @ Night – The same experience, but at night!

Rally Self Drive during the Day – After your briefing, you’ll get behind the wheel, speeding as the instructor fires instructions and directions at you at machine-gun tempo.

Rally Self Drive @ Night – The same experience, but at night!

These experiences are extremely popular, as you might imagine. So if you’re looking to buy a gift certificate for your favourite adrenaline junky (or yourself!) now’s the time to make your booking.

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