The Rally Self-Drive Experience

The Rally Self-Drive Experience is by far the top selling driving experience and a perfect gift for him. It can be difficult to find the perfect gifts for men and here is a unique gift idea to suit the man in your life.

The Rally Self-Drive Experience starts with an introductory session. Here you will learn about the rules, navigation language and how to use route notes. After the intro session to this special driving experience you will then be taken around the track by a Rally Driving Instructor. He will show you the ‘racing lines’ and identify the various dangers. Your mind will need to be keen and ready to memorise!

After the driving experience introduction, you will have your turn to get behind the steering wheel of a rally car. Here is your chance to do four orientation laps over the route you will be doing to get the ‘feeling’ of the car, its power and behaviour on gravel. What follows is what every driving experience enthusiast cannot waiting for – the chance to open up the Subaru Turbo-power under the bonnet and get the sensation of a real adrenaline rush during the amazing performance of a rally car driven in anger! This driving experience will blow the gift recipients mind ensuring the perfect gift to leave an impression for many months to come.

Then comes your big test – you will have to drive through Rally Driving Special Stage! This is when you will experience what it is like in a rally car when the team competes under pressure! Your professional navigator will call the instructions at machine gun speed and you will have to interpret them as your drive through a special stage you have never seen before! This is where you need to keep your cool! Instructions come flying, you will have to listen to one call, interpret and apply it, while you have to listen to the next one, remember the previous one …..take in another…..awesome! This is real fun, but afterwards you will have new respect for the ability of rally drivers to do all these things at high speed!

Then, just to make sure that we managed to release all the adrenaline possible in you, one of our master experience driving instructors will take you for a special bonus hot lap over the specialist rally track to cool you down! All this in a powerful Subaru. Includes a light meal and Certificate.

This gift experience makes a perfect present or gift for milestone birthdays such as 30th Birthday, 25th Birthday, 40th Birthday or even a 50th Birthday. This driving experience makes for a wonderful Team Building activity. Group discounts apply. There is no need to buy boring socks or biltong for Dad – buy online as an ideal gift for Father’s Day, Christmas Gifts or Anniversaries.

Purchase this gift as a present online via Celestial Gift Experiences.

Written by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences

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