Track Days South Africa: Get Your Speed On!

Gone are the days of socks and ties.  When you’re looking to show your favourite speed freak just how much they mean to you, you can’t go wrong with a track day. Imagine the excitement as he (or she!) speeds around the track in a Ferrari or high-powered Mercedes-Benz…

What is a Track Day?

A track day is an opportunity for those who are non-members of a club, to drive powerful luxury cars around the circuit. A track day typically includes three elements:

● A briefing session, where facilitators explain aspects of the track, the car, and the sport.
● A lap around the circuit in the hot seat with a professional racing driver.
● An opportunity for the guest of honor to take the wheel.

Track days are tailored to the level of experience and comfort for the guest.

The Bucket List Genie recommend the following Track Day experiences:

The Xtreme Ferrari Hot Lap experience will put you inside a championship winning Ferrari F360 race car, driven by racer Jaki Scheckter around the Zwartkops International raceway for four laps. A thoroughbred 3.6 liter churning out over 450 horses enabling the car to reach speeds of 260 km/h.

The Mercedes-Benz Dynamic Track day will introduce you to the exhilarating performance of the Mercedes-Benz AMG. You will be gradually assisted through each performance exercise while achieving a significant amount of vehicle control at the highest level enabling us to apply this skill and technique safely on our roads.

The Xtreme Drifting Experience is an awesome adventure where you will practice controlling a car with spinning, sliding tires.

The Rally HotSeat Experience includes a medium paced drive around the rally stage, and just when you start to relax, the professional rally driver will show you what real rally driving is all about. Feel the power of the car as you navigate the unpredictable bushveld at high speed.

Are you in the mood for high-speed excitement? Book your track day now!

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