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aerobatic flights south africa

When it’s time to buy gifts for men, it might be easy to just go to the default setting.  You know the kind of thing, maybe a bottle of something nice like aftershave, or a set of weights that may, or may not become a permanent fixture in the garage.  In an ideal world we would like to buy well thought out, meaningful gifts, but all too often end up getting the same old thing.

What if you could gift a unique experience?  One that has been carefully researched, has been tried and tested and comes with a Happiness Guarantee?  It almost sounds too good to be true.  With Celestial Gift Experiences you can gift unique, exhilarating gift experiences easily and with the utmost confidence that safety and quality are of the highest standards.

Nothing quite says once-in-a-lifetime like Aerobatic Flights.  Challenging, out of the norm and designed to ensure lifelong memories, this is one gift that is sure to put a smile on his face.  Let’s dive deeper into exciting 30th Birthday Gifts for men and 40th Birthday gifts for men.

The Extreme Gyrocopter Flight is the gift to tick off from that bucket list for those with an appetite for stunts and adventure.  A gyroplane is a state-of-the-art aircraft that flies at an approximate 160km per hour.  Using rotary blades to lit-off and an engine-powered propeller to give it its thrust, the gyrocopter can achieve stunts mid-air. Imagine everything from flat spins, to turns and spiral dives.  This perfect 30th birthday gift for men isn’t for the faint-hearted, but brave thrill-seekers will be hooked.

The Extreme Pitts Special Flight with Aerobatics would make an ideal 40th birthday gift for men.  Flight enthusiasts may be familiar with the Pitts Special, which is regarded as one of, if not the best, aerobatics plane in aviation history.  Expertly guided through death-defying tricks and stunts by an expert pilot who will explain the technical aspects of the manoeuvres, giving the lucky recipient and all round experience and knowledge into aerobatic flying.

The Pitts Special is a contemporary biplane designed in the States with outstanding flying capabilities.  The power to weight ratio is what allows it to execute intense G force and achieve amazing stunts.  Just some of these include Cuban eights, stal-turns, loop-de-loops and wing-overs.  This gift takes off from the Brakpan Airfield and following a safety consult, the pilot can be briefed on how extreme or moderate the experience should be.  This makes for a unique experience; one for the memory banks to be recalled, time and time again.

Celestial Gift Experiences offer top-class experiences, given the seal of approval by the Bucket List Genie Herself.  Operating for over 15 years this trusted experiences specialist brings a wealth of knowledge and customer satisfaction direct to clients.  Visit for further information on Aerobatic Flights and other exciting packages in and around South Africa.

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