Experience a Gyrocopter Scenic Flight

Gyrocopters are totally crazy looking flying objects!  Seize this opportunity to experience a completely different aerospace adventure!  

Formally known as a “Gyroplane“, it is the official term used to describe an aircraft that lifts off from a freely turning rotary wing, or rotor blades and derives its thrust from an engine-driven propeller. The gyroplane is also known as the autogiro or gyrocopter.  

A Gyroplane flies more slowly than airplanes and will not stall (thank heavens, otherwise that would be a disaster). They fly faster than helicopters (imagine!) but cannot hover.  Since only the air powers the rotor blades on the gyroplane, there is no need for a tail rotor (slightly technical). The gyroplane is a stable flying platform. This is not so with helicopters, which pull the air down through engine-powered rotor blades making it possible to hover, but also making the aircraft very complicated and expensive to fly.  Due to the Gyro’s simplicity, they are easier to operate and less expensive to maintain than helicopters.  I think we should all learn to fly gyrocopters so that we can buy them personally and fly to work in them.  Imagine the traffic jams we’d miss!

Gyroplanes lift off from freely turning rotor blades tilted back to catch the air. The rushing air spins the rotor as an engine-driven propeller thrusts the aircraft forward. The original gyroplanes were powered by engines in a pulling configuration and were heavier. Today’s gyroplane uses a pusher propeller and is light and maneuverable. The engine is in the rear allowing unobstructed visibility.  I have heard that farmers and game rangers use gyrocopters to flit about their large properties in order to observe animals, perimeter fencing etc.  A nice toy and fine for some hey!

  • Location:  Cape Town, Western Cape & JHB/PTA, Gauteng
  • Availability:  Available throughout the year, subject to availability.
  • Who:  Ideal for all those who are aerospace admirers, looking for something truly unique.
  • Numbers:  This experience is for one person.
  • Weather:  Flights are weather dependent.
  • What to take:  Dress for the weather and take something warm to wear. Tie back long hair, wear flat, closed shoes and remember your camera.
  • Duration:  Allow 30 minutes for the flight experience.
  • Additional Information:  Participation is entirely at your own risk. Indemnity forms will require your signature. All gyrocopters are flown by licensed pilots/instructors.

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Prepared for by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences

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