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Helicopter charter flights around South Africa are an absolute must-do if flying is on your to-do list. Celestial Gift Experiences has some breathtaking air experiences on offer that should not be missed.

If you are looking for helicopter flights then look no further, Celestial Gift Experiences offers a solo helicopter scenic flight, which would make a great gift for an out-of-town colleague or even just as a birthday gift. Also on offer is a Cape Town helicopter flight where you can “capture an aerial view of our stunning cities, picturesque mountain ranges and unspoiled beaches. Enjoy the city skyline or gasp in awe at the basking whales, dolphins and lurking sharks below.” You will see the following land marks like you have never seen them before  – the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town City Bowl, well known beaches, Green Point, Sea Point, Clifton, Camps Bay, Lions Head, Signal Hill, Twelve Apostles, Llandudno and of course, Table Mountain.

Aerobatic flights by my definition are those planes that do daring flips and turns in the air. If this is your type of thing then I suggest you consider one the following aerobatic flight experiences – a super decathlon with aerobatics, a high performance aerobatic flight in Johannesburg or a Pitts special with aerobatics in Germinston, Gauteng if you want to “experience flight in the most famous custom designed aerobatics aircraft in the world. The Pitts was conceived and built for one purpose, to win aerobatics championships, a goal it has achieved countless times over the years and still does today.” If none of these are to your liking then you can also opt for the Texan Harvard with aerobatics.

Helicopter training is also on offer if you not only want fly in a helicopter but you want to be the one flying it. A helicopter self-fly is available in the Midrand and Pretoria and “you will experience what flying is all about and enjoy a demo of how the helicopter controls and flight works. This experience is executed by a qualified flight instructor and can be logged towards your PPL or Private Pilot’s license.”

Celestial Gift Experiences also offers other flight training in the form of a light aircraft self-fly where you can “experience one of the most modern training fleets in the country. This air school’s primary training fleet consists of 3 Samba Xl composite aircraft.”

So, from scenic helicopter flights and astounding aerobatic flights to flight training, Celestial Gift Experiences are sure to have whatever you may need. Whether you are buying a gift for yourself, your boss, your colleague, your brother or even your grandfather, you will find the right flight experiences for each of these people and it is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

 Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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