Hot Air Balloon Rides Johannesburg

Hot Air Balloon Rides Johannesburg is a wonderful experience to enjoy.  This package is a unique gift, suitable for wedding anniversary gifts and milestone birthdays such as 40th Birthdays, 50th Birthdays and 60th Birthdays.

Turn a dream into a reality and treat someone to the ultimate experience of hot air ballooning.  Soar above the trees and feel overwhelmed by the breathtaking beauty below.

The excitement starts when you meet at the designated launch site, just before sun rise. Here you will have refreshments and get the opportunity to mingle with your fellow passengers or simply take in the quietness of the morning. At this time the crew will be busy with the preparation of the balloons after which you will receive a safety briefing and be invited to board. It won’t be long before you are up in the air appreciating the beauty and drifting quietly through the skies. Here you will have the opportunity capture spectacular scenery and take pictures. After landing you will be met by retrieve vehicles who will collect you and take you to enjoy a freshly prepared breakfast.

Please take special note that couples could be split and placed in adjacent sections of the basket if the weight of the basket needs to be redistributed in order to provide the perfect balance for the purposes of safety. This remains at the discretion of the pilot who endeavours to keep couples together.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Johannesburg takes place from the Cradle of Humankind.  A package to include overnight accommodation for two people can also be arranged. If this is your preference, please enquire.

Hot air balloon rides Johannesburg is packaged as an activity gift voucher which you can give to a couple to book on their date of choice or alternatively can be booked directly at time of purchase.

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