Choosing a Birthday Gift For a Crush – 3 Gift Ideas

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Choosing a Birthday Gift For a Crush – 3 Gift Ideas Each For Guy and Girl Crushes

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We all have had a crush at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes, a crush is something that lives only within our hearts, bound never to see the light of day. Other times, having a crush on someone leads eventually to asking them out, dating, and even marriage.

The trickiest time in a crush situation is right when things are in that in-between stage. This is that awkward time when you have let the other person know (either directly or through lots of flirting) that you like them, but you are not yet sure where things are headed.

If your “in-between” crush has a birthday coming up, this could be a great time to show your feelings for him or her with a well-chosen gift. Of course, choosing the right gift for a crush is not always easy. You will want to give him or her something that is not over-the-top romantic, but at the same time that expresses that you care.

For someone choosing a birthday gift for a crush, here are 3 ideas for guy and girl crushes.

3 Birthday Gift Ideas For Guy Crushes

For when your crush is a guy, here are 3 birthday gift ideas:

1. Food gift basket:
There are two kinds of food gift baskets: gourmet and snack. For the majority of guys, go with a snack food gift basket. You can find them with themes like golf or football. They are a great to give to the guy who wants to hang out with his friends – or with you – in a social atmosphere.

2. Multi-tool:
There probably is not a guy on the planet who does not like multi-tools. As you will recall, these are the little tools that used to be more commonly known as pocket knives. Nowadays, you can get multi-tools that have an amazing array of functions he will love – all in a portable little tool he can take with him anywhere.

3. DVD of guy movie:
Men love movies. A safe bet is a DVD featuring a guy movie classic like Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, or Jet Li.

3 Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl Crushes

Here are 3 birthday gift ideas for the girl crush in your life:

1. Gardening kit:
Not every girl gardens, but for those who have an apartment or home with a yard, gardening is a wonderful hobby. If your girl crush has never even picked up a shovel or a spade, don’t worry: this kit will get her started.

2. Coffee and tea basket:
For career women, students and homemakers alike, coffee and tea are favorite beverages to pass the time. A coffee and tea gift basket usually comes with some cookies or other goodies to munch on, making your gift extra-special for them. Maybe you can even arrange to “drop by” sometime when they are having a cup of coffee from your basket.

3. Gift card:
Still not sure what to get her? Women love gift cards. You can either buy her the type that is dedicated to a particular website or brand, or you can get her one with a major credit card symbol like Visa or American Express that she can use for any type of goods or services.

Try any of these ideas when choosing just the right birthday gift for a guy or girl crush.

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