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There are so many different occasions where good luck gifts may be given. You could be wishing someone good luck for a job interview, for the first day at a new job or for the first day of University. You might want to let someone know you are thinking of them or rooting for them when they go to the bank to get a home loan or maybe they are opening a new business. Other times you may say good luck because a friend is going to propose to his/her better half or maybe a friend just went into labour. Like I said, so many ‘good luck’ opportunities and if you want to do more that just say ‘good luck’ here are some gift ideas.

Celestial Gift Experiences offer Solar Choice Vouchers which “provide a selection of experiences priced according to the six of the celestial bodies Mars, Saturn and Pluto”. These good luck gifts can only really be given in certain good luck scenarios. You couldn’t give a soon-to-be mother an abseiling experience or a on the morning of someone’s job interview tell them that they are now going to go jump off a bridge. I guess that, in a way, good luck gifts and congratulatory gifts could almost go hand in hand.

Maybe if someone is starting there first day at University in two weeks time, you could take them on a sailing experience for a day to both congratulate them and to wish them good luck. You could give the expecting mother and her partner a gift of a weekend away before the baby comes – but again, this feels to me like it can double up as a ‘congratulations’ as well.

Good luck gifts are something which I am completely unfamiliar with. The most I have every done to say ‘good luck’ to someone is to give them a card or maybe make dinner for them. I think maybe in my mind a good luck gift is something more tangible and a congratulatory gift can be more of an experience.

Flowers, chocolates, cards, wine, champagne, going for drinks, a piece of jewelry – these are the type of good luck gifts I would normally give. I do tend to change my mind about these things quite often so maybe I should just relook at the whole good luck gift thing when I next have an opportunity to wish someone good luck.

One thing I have to add is that obviously gift experiences are far more expensive than a box of chocolates so maybe if you want to do something extra special for someone rather do it as a group in order to reduce the cost. I think that a good luck gift in any form is a wonderful idea. In any situation where a ‘good luck’ is needed there is always a certain amount of anxiousness in the good luckee. I am sure that when the good luckee is reminded of all the people who care about them, they immediately feel less nervous and more confident and loved.

Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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