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Today’s business world is not what it used to be 20 years ago. There are now many more facets to running a business and attracting clients. Businesses use event management teams to organise their events, they use corporate incentives to keep their staff and clients happy and they do team building activities to ensure that their team can work and thrive together.

Team building is a wonderful way to get your staff comfortable with each other and build stronger work relationships. Celestial Gift Experiences has great team building activities that will beat go-karting and pottery classes any day. From a Farmhouse party weekend for 12, chocolate tasting with lunch for 8, whiskey tasting for 10 and a cocktail making experience for 10 to skidpan driving course for 10, the Ghost Bus experience for 30, and a rally driving day for 10 – these activities are sure to bring any business team together.

According to Celestial Gift Experiences they “will tailor make the entire event specific to your requirements, offering you sound advice and assistance every step of the way. CGE offers a wide range of unique and extraordinary activities thus avoiding another mundane afternoon of Tenpin Bowling! Teams will benefit greatly from doing something different and refreshing, ensuring that back at the office there are exciting stories and photos shared, as well as renewed morale. Establish a culture of enhanced performance, communication and collaboration.”

The adventure bookings for team building could include river rafting for 10, tubing for 10, paintball for 10, or a bridge swing for 10. Adventure bookings can of course only be done if all staff are going to participate or alternatively you could book more that one experience and in that case your staff could choose which experience they would prefer.

Every company, no matter how big or small will at some point host an event of some sort and therefore, an event management team needs to be in place. This will apply for the florist down the road (whose event team will consist of the owner and her cousin) or the large corporate company (who will have a private event team of 20 people). Either way, other people are going to be working hard to make your event a success and in this case you might want to consider giving some incentives to the people who make your corporate events possible.

Celestial Gift Experiences has Solar Choice Vouchers, which provide a selection of experiences according to the size of the celestial bodies, Pluto, Saturn and Mars. Pluto (R500), Saturn (R1000) and Mars (R1500). Drachma Cheques (R500, R1000 and R1500) are perfect for people you do not know so well and they are also great incentive alternatives for staff and clients.

Corporate incentives on offer at Celestial Gift Experiences include a Harley Davidson convoy, discover nature quad biking, a power boat ride for two, a Long Beach horse ride, an elephant encounter for two, dinner in the sky for two, a WACO Biplane flight for two, a champagne cruise and lunch for two, a hot stone massage, a Camelot Spa breakaway, a spa skin treatment (facial), a gents ultimate escape therapeutic treatments or a harmonising couples ritual.

Corporate events, corporate incentives, team building, adventure bookings and event management has never been easier to arrange.  With our plethora of experience gift vouchers there’s a unique gift idea for every occasion and/or event.

Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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