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Yachts, charters, boats, catamarans, ships, sailing…if you enjoy the ocean and love the feeling of being out at sea with just the water, the sky and possibly some champagne, then I suggest you take a look at the following great experiences offered by Celestial Gift Experiences.

One of the experiences on offer is a yacht charter champagne cruise and dinner for two where “you will be treated to a luxury catamaran and the crystal waters around Cape Town Harbour to Camps Bay.” This is a wonderfully romantic opportunity for a marriage proposal or a memorable way to spend an anniversary. An experience like this is definitely only to be shared with someone you are romantically involved with…don’t take your mother-in-law!

Even private charter experiences are available – a private cruise with canapés for six could make a wonderful bachelorette pre-party or engagement party.

A Cape Town boat charter is another must-do if you are seeking some sea adventures – Celestial Gift Experiences states that if you take the Table Bay cruise and lunch for two “you will [first] enjoy a cruise of Table Bay with a unique view of Table Mountain and Cape Town’s skyline, by sea. Then, once you have recovered from ‘sea-legs’ you will enjoy a sumptuous lunch at one of the Waterfront’s finest restaurants.” This also sounds like a night that should entail some celebration…maybe some wooing on the boat and then a proposal at one of the Waterfront’s finest restaurants? Sounds like a full-proof plan to me.

Who doesn’t like sunset cruises? Except for those who turn a pale green colour, I am pretty sure that you can’t go wrong with giving your newly wed sister the gift of a champagne sunset cruise for two in Cape Town or your bosses son a Durban harbour dinner cruise for two where, according to Celestial Gift Experiences, you get “delectable delights onboard [the] cruising restaurant which is moored in Durban harbour. Once onboard you can enjoy some sunset drinks whilst the vessel leaves the dock.”

For the less romantic experience you could rather go for boat trips – The Vaal River buffet cruise for two, the Vaal River fishing cruise for one or Power Boat ride for two available in Cape Town are all great gifts for family, friends or colleagues and I am pretty sure it will be safe to invite your mother-in-law on this one.

There are very few experiences that can compare to being surrounded by the big blue sea, the sun setting in the distance and sharing whole experience with a loved one, a friend or even a work colleague (if you have to). If you have been searching for a breathtaking proposal idea, a perfect anniversary celebration, an engagement party venue or simply a treat for your best friend then I strongly recommend that you take a took at the cruise experiences available at Celestial Gift Experiences…you will not be disappointed.

Yacht charter, boat charter, cruises, sunset cruises, champagne cruises, boat trips and private charter are all unique gift ideas or team building options for individuals and groups.  The Waterfront, Cape Town is the place where we can make all of these wild options a memorable reality.

Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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