What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I suspect that most of us haven’t even bought this special lady a special gift to acknowledge the day or the significance of it?

It got me thinking about what Mother’s Day means to me.  Every day should be Mother’s Day because to a mother, every day is a day spent caring and tending to everyone else apart from herself (unless you are privileged to have a host of servants).

Mothers rock, they are wicked, they are the strongest human beings out there.  They have the broadest shoulders and the highest levels of stamina and endurance.  They know everything about their children and those in their care.  They make it their mission to go beyond the boundaries in terms of how they will care for those who are entrusted to them.

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In return, they often get nothing – totally zip – not even a compliment, word of thanks or acknowledgement for what they do.

We take advantage of our mother’s in horrific ways – we simply assume they will always be there to clean up, pick up, cook and pay for our needs.  But they won’t – they aren’t immortal.

To purchase gifts for her is one way to show appreciation.  One could purchase gift voucher, present, gifts, experience voucher, spa day or lifestyle voucher.  The choice is endless.

Essentially a Mother actually wants nothing more than to be hugged, obeyed, acknowledged, supported and most importantly assisted.  Always assist your mother even as a grown adult – ask her if you can do anything to make her day easier.  Often when the children leave home they then have to tend to a fragile or ailing spouse.

Think of ways that you can improve your mother’s day experience.  Flowers and chocolate are so ‘yesterday’ – she already has 10 bottles of perfume and countless shoes and handbags.  Make an impression and treat her to a unique gift idea.  Buy her an activity gift voucher which is the same as an experience gift voucher.  Let her enjoy a makeover or if she is adventurous perhaps a quad bike safari. Gifts for her can be hard to find especially if she is fussy.  A choice voucher offers her the option to select from a predetermined selection which aids the gift buying process.

Remember to spoil your mother on Mother’s Day this Sunday but most importantly remember her regularly throughout the week too.

Mothers are the BOMB!!!

Written by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences

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