Within Every Man, A Gladiator Stirs…

With Father’s Day approaching I have spent time pondering as to what my father means to me along with other powerful men who either surround me or have entered and exited my life.  Men can teach us so many things, not only to improve our skill set and craftsmanship but how to win battles and how to survive when hunting for extended periods of time.  These skills are of great benefit to women, who hold positions of leadership and live lives of complete independence.

Father’s Day is not only an opportunity to acknowledge our biological fathers for what they sacrificed in order to feed, clothe, shelter and educate us but also to acknowledge other men who have shown support in so many different ways during critical times in our life.  These men could be co-workers, colleagues, clients, suppliers, sub-ordinates, counterparts, coaches, mentors, friends, brothers, uncles, strangers, professionals etc.

My father is British (very Colonial) and in his younger years he served as a Captain in the British Forces, worked for the British Intelligence and flew as a Navigator for the RAF along with the Canadian Forces.  With his background, training and experience, it is quite possible that my father raised myself and my siblings as warriors.  I understand this now because he knew no different, however, it was not much fun at the time considering his relentless drill sergeant tactics!

Father’s Day can be a trigger for those who have lost their father or who have unresolved issues linked to him.  Father’s Day presents an opportunity to remember father’s who will be sorely missed or the option to meet and heal a wound.

I would like to acknowledge the Gladiators in my life for the mental skills they have gifted to me…

  • Courage and Bravery – Face your fears all of them.  Usually our greatest fear is where our greatest potential lies. 
  • Discipline, Endurance and Stamina – Never ever give up; keep scrumming until you reach the other side of the goal posts.  If you want something badly enough, you will stop at nothing in order to achieve it. 
  • Strength – Keep your body fit and healthy because it keeps the mind in optimum condition by preventing depression and other disorders that affect the physic. 
  • Grounding – Men have a wonderful way to lance through the external peripherals and identify the issue at hand.  Once you can identify the issue you can then start to fix it.
  • Comfort – Nothing beats a father’s hug or big rough hands…. EVER!
  • Intelligence and Wit – Own and learn as much as you can about your game plan.  Wherever possible outwit your opponent using intelligence and wit to distract them.  Remain ahead of the game, whatever the game may be. 
  • Focus and Strategy – Never cry when you don’t get your own way, retreat, restrategise and approach from a different angle to get what you want.  Focus on one thing at a time and don’t let the magnitude of what lies ahead overwhelm you.
  • Honour and Integrity – Have respect and principles.  Hold your head up high when facing unfair stabbing at your integrity and value system.  Never raise your voice in an argument because then you have already lost. 
  • Honesty and Transparency – Always tell the truth, be tactical and only divulge enough information to entice the opponent into your lair but never share your secrets with them.
  • Never complain – in general men don’t complain about much, us ladies make up for both sides!  Complaining is negative and a waste of mind space.  Be a ‘good sport’ as far as possible.
  • Retreat into the Cave – personally, I think some men spend far too much time in the cave but there’s so much truth in retreating to assess a problem first before exiting to tackle it.  So often we show our fists first which is unnecessary. 
  • Less is More – The greatest advice I ever receive, usually comes from men.  They have an astounding way of listening to lots of babbling and summing up the solution in one simple sentence using a maximum of 10 words.  How on earth do they do this?

This Father’s Day will be an opportunity for me to hold my father along with all the other prominent male figures in my life in reverence.  They have contributed to the woman I am today and assist me as and when I call upon them to fine tune the amazing Gladiator gifts that they have perfected which I make use of every day.

We no longer live in the time of the Gladiator but I believe there to be a Gladiator in every man I meet.  Most of them have no idea of their gifts so perhaps cannot share them with another.   Take Father’s Day as a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the stirring Gladiator within at least one brave and courageous man that you know.

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Prepared for by Odette Butcher, Chief Experience Officer, Celestial Gift Experiences

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