Celebrating 14 years of Self Employment

This month I celebrate 14 years of self-employment. I was running the other day and found myself giving thanks to my business as though it is human. I formulated a poem in my mind on that run and wrote it when I arrived back. Anyone who is self-employed or a business owner may appreciate the excruciating journey which it is. I’ve included an album of a few of the hundreds of images I’ve received from clients over the years. Its hard not to feel emotion when looking at all these happy faces, which I flip through on the dark days. These images remind me that life is about people and the experiences we have with them or on our own. Business teaches me that we are born with everything we need inside in order to survive and without our intuition we are lost.

~ You are my Beauty, You are my Beast ~

You were once just a far fetched dream
And now a digital reality which many enjoy
They said it would never work
And what a ridiculous idea it was

14 years on and look where we are now
Back then the banks would not lend to a digital shopkeeper
E-commerce had barely reached the shores of SA
On reflection a premature business to have began

So I started you with nothing
I work in you by day and on you at night
I had no idea what I was doing
And so I crawled back to the starting line with slumped shoulders many times over

The journey has been lonely and isolated
With few digital experts to find and trust
I solve you by road and create you by trail
I’ve lived on a shoe string for the longest time
Because you burnt my fingers to cinders

You break me, you frustrate me, you humble me
You’ve taught me patience and pride
You’ve taken your time to shine, while I tend to you like a new born
10000 of hours by now, surely makes us captains of our industry

If I do not lust after the experience we do not sell it
Together we make the extraordinary a memory for many
We do not believe that there is a recession
Only that our attitude determines our altitude

From slammed doors to open doors
From no to yes, they come to us now
You’ve forced me to face my biggest fears
You’ve taught me that beyond fear there is nothing

Look at you now as you dominate the hearts and selfies of many
You’ve grown so marvelously by 700% as soon as I changed my mindset
You’re the best investment I’ve ever made
Because I breathe you, I eat you, I sleep you

You’ve sent me to faraway places, wondering why?
You keep planting the seed to go where few have been before.
You’ve become a consistent provider for many
We are a very proud South African business

Thank you for the roller coaster journey
And the wave crest we are riding, long may it last
Thank you for teaching me the art of abundance and prosperity
You are my beauty, you are my beast, you are my complete obsession

By The Bucket List Genie, Digital Shopkeeper

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