Team Building through Team Experiences

If you feel that your team is not connecting and supporting each other as well as they should then maybe it’s time for a little team building. When it comes to team building activities there is team building and there is TEAM BUILDING. It just depends on what you want to accomplish.

When your boss announces that there will be a team building exercise coming up some people may be excited, some may be indifferent and others may be just plain terrified. There always seems to be a threat of embarrassing yourself when it comes to team building events and often that is exactly what happens.

To avoid choosing a team building event that will not appeal to everyone choose something that is either safe or something that is just unbelievably amazing – no one will want to miss out on having an experience of a life time and at the same time most people will be ok with doing something ordinary.

The most expected and done-before team building experiences include activities such as river rafting, paint ball, go karting, laser-quest or the “fall backwards and I’ll catch you” exercise. These can be great but they are the predictable team building choice and are often not met with a roar of excitement from your business team (if they have done them before).

Celestial Gift Experiences has such an amazing variety of unique experiences that any team member will jump at the chance to take part. There are adrenalin-inducing adventures, such as abseiling, quad biking, rally self-drives, tandem skydiving and even shark cage diving. Although not all of these can be done in a group, you can have a moral boosting session beforehand, cheering each other on and getting some team support going.

Getting out into nature is another great way to get a team to connect with each other. Celestial Gifts Experiences offers outdoor adventures such as canopy tours, a city slickers cattle drive, an elephant safari or bridge swinging. Again, not all of these will excite everyone so maybe take into consideration who your staff are and what they will enjoy the most – you could even do a survey to find out which team building exercise would be the most enjoyed.

Now, if you really want to think outside of the box these next experiences are sure to have your team wondering what they signed up for. How about connecting your team through a night of whiskey tasting or fire dancing? Some people believe that there is nothing like a cocktail to bring a team together – why not take your staff to a cocktail making lesson? You could know each other much better by the end of this one…

Team building is all about getting your staff to relax, support each other and possibly make connections that they have never been able to do in the office environment. No matter which experience you choose, always take into consideration the type of people that work for you, ensuring that any team building exercise will be successful in achieving its goal.

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Written and prepared by Klara Loots

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