How Do I Propose To My Partner For Engagement?

how do i propose

We have become accustomed to turning to the Internet for answers to all sorts of topics. Even one of the most personal and intimate of questions, How Do I Propose? The answers are vast and varied ranging from a traditional dinner proposal to where their favourite place is, to hobbies and even timing. There’s even a ‘What Not To Do’ result in there, as if you weren’t nervous enough…

If your partner is a thrill seeking adventurist it probably makes sense to gear your proposal towards something exciting and unique. Likewise, if your loved one enjoys a more relaxed atmosphere, a proposal that is calm and serene probably is more fitting. The question is, how to make your proposal personal and unique and sophisticated all at the same time?

Established in 2005, Celestial Gifts are experts in luxury day or overnight experiences designed to engage the senses and mark any occasion including that all important marriage proposal. We understand that VIP treatment is what you’re looking for, and are proud to say that we have only had “yes’s” to date! Each package has been personally vetted by the Bucket List Genie herself and comes with a Happiness Guarantee.

Let’s look at some options.
• For the traditional approach an On Top of the World Romantic Proposal and Overnight Honeymoon Suite fits perfectly. The scene is set for that picture-perfect proposal, amidst peace and tranquillity.
• Sweep your partner off their feet in an Exclusive Balloon Flight & breakfast for Two over the Cradle of Humankind, intimate and breath-taking for the perfect proposal.
• An extravagant Private Fly-In Safari with Lunch and Game Drive for Two is nothing short of sophistication. A proposal to be boasted over for years to come.
• Ever wanted to show someone how they make you feel on top of the world? The Helicopter Hop with Champagne Mountaintop for Two is an ideal way to show her what she means to you.
• For sheer relaxation the Lunch Cruise, Couples Massage and Health Spa Overnight for Two package is a must. Unwind, relax and enjoy the serenity as you toast your engagement.
• Equestrians will love the Horseback Safari and Picnic with Overnight for Two at the Château Le Mer – an unforgettable ride and picnic, coupled with an overnight stay at a French inspired guesthouse, a dream come true.
• Ever imagined that a Champagne Sunset Cruise with Dinner and Overnight for Two experience could be a reality? It can, and how befitting a proposal as you sip bubbly along the ocean waves, watching the sun kiss the horizon, with your loved one by your side.

For further proposal ideas visit The Bucket List Genie has handcrafted the packages personally. Avoid disappointment and get in touch today, especially if you have a special date in mind, our aim is to satisfy your every need.

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