Top 4 Gift Ideas for Couples in South Africa

Wine Estate Picnic for Two in Cape Town

Let’s be honest, with most couples living together long before they get married these days, most people have all the toasters and glassware they could ever use long before their wedding day.  Also, we don’t really ever truly know someone’s taste.  So what do we give as wedding gifts or anniversary gifts?

Money is usually practical, as it allows them to buy whatever they want.  But after spending a small fortune on a wedding, money gifts usually end up paying off credit card debt.  Perhaps it’s a sign of the times… Or we could look at is as an opportunity to become more talented gift givers.

Powerful, thoughtful gifts are those that make a true difference in a couple’s life together.  It adds to their future and brings them joy. Although paying off credit card debt eases stress, it hardly brings joy.  And what about that pristine white table cloth they will probably re-gift at the next family wedding?  It’s not practical!

If there’s one thing a couple needs when the dust has settled on their wedding day and they’ve paid off all the debt, there’s one thing all couples yearn for, and that’s a moment of just “being” alone together.  They just want to take a breath and forget about all the stress of planning the perfect day for their guests, and meeting each others’ great aunts and naughty nieces and nephews, twice removed.

So the Bucket List Genie went out of her way to help you find the perfect gifts ideas for couples in South Africa.

These experiences will provide that much anticipated retreat all couples yearn for, and it will create lasting memories for many years to come.

Surprise them with an Oysters & Bubbly Botanical Garden Picnic for Two in the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for a romantic picnic for two, complete with oysters, bubbly and roses.

Or treat them to a Harties Aerial Cableway & Sunday Lunch Cruise for Two on board the Best Dam 2-hour Sunday lunch cruise.

Last but not least, there’s a Champagne Sunset Picnic on the Water for Two aboard Serenity One from the V&A Waterfront, which includes an ocean view of the sun setting over the Atlantic horizon, and the Cape mountains a spectacular backdrop.

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