Cooking Classes & Cooking Lessons as Activity Gifts

Whether you are buying a 20th birthday gift, an anniversary gift or even a congratulatory gift, cooking lessons are worth considering.  Cooking classes at a cooking school are wonderful gifts to give anyone who loves good food and who has a passion for cooking. Attending culinary school, whether for a few days or just a couple of hours, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable cooking experience.

Celestial Gift Experiences has a delicious selection of cooking classes on offer around South Africa – whether it is at a cooking school or a culinary school, they have it all. A Thai cooking lesson valued at R375.00 “is different from modern western cooking. Where western cooking (particularly baking) ingredients are measured exactly, Thai cooking is far more flexible. While this flexibility makes the recipes far more lenient, getting used to it can be quite challenging. Coming on one of [their] Thai cooking evenings [and taking part in their cooking lessons] will be a starting point on how you begin to learn how to cook with your tongue.” So, if you are looking for unique cooking classes then this is the perfect experience for you or for someone else. 

A romantic cooking evening for two at a cooking school worth R600 is also on offer at Celestial Gift Experiences. “One of the great pleasures in life is eating good food. Sharing this experience with the one you love is sure to heighten the pleasure.” There is no doubt that food can be just as sensual as a certain other experience, so maybe start to think differently about culinary school and cooking lessons and surprise your partner with a whole new romantic experience.

 “Love at first bite” is a singles cooking evening at a cooking school worth R349.00 and, besides learning how to cook, you might even find the love of your life on the menu. “These evenings allow you to combine the search for your perfect match with making and enjoying delicious food. Intimate groups of 16 give you the chance to learn while making new friends and perhaps even more…” Who knew that cooking lessons could lead to more than just a yummy meal… Culinary school and cooking classes for the romantic at heart? What a fantastic idea!

Other great cooking experiences are the ‘Italian pasta lesson’ experiences valued at R349.00 and a ‘cook Malay one on one with a Malay chef’ experience that is valued at R975.00 Cooking lessons at culinary school or cooking school, no matter what type of food it is, is bound to be a valuable experience and one that you can use forever. Cooking classes will not only give you or someone else a wonderful few hours but the skills learnt will not be forgotten and therefore, in essence, it is a gift that keeps on giving. For the cooking tips you learnt at cooking school will allow you to prepare many delicious meals for your close friends and family for as long as you can (or are willing to).

Written and prepared for by Klara Loots

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