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Sushi has become a standard meal in the homes of many South Africans and Sushi restaurants are opening up everywhere. Sushi is a Japanese food, which consists of rice (shari) and a combination of other ingredients (neta) such as vegetables or seafood. If you have always been interested in learning how to make Sushi or maybe you know someone who is interested in Sushi making, then Celestial Gift Experiences is the place to look for great Sushi Lessons.

Sushi lessons are the perfect gift for so many different occasions. Maybe your Sushi loving uncle just sold his business and retired – Sushi making might be a wonderful way for him to pass his newly found free time. Maybe your boss’s wife just turned 40 years old and you remember seeing her talk very excitedly about the Sushi at Woolworths – a making Sushi experience would be the perfect birthday gift for her (and might even get in the good books with your boss).

Looking for a gift for your younger sister? If she eats Sushi for breakfast, lunch and supper, then a Sushi making lesson valued at R375.00 could be just what you are looking for. This yummy gift will teach her “the fine art of Sushi making with one of South Africa’s best Sushi chefs. This is not a skill that can be learnt by reading a book or watching T.V. On arrival [she] will receive a welcome drink to steady the nerves and prepare [her] hand/eye coordination skills. Most people feel nervous about making Sushi and there’s no reason why you should be!” Sushi lessons are a wonderful birthday gift for any Sushi fan of any age.

Maybe you know a couple that have just gotten engaged and they both are passionate about good Sushi and they are always talking about wanting to learn how to make Sushi. Learning how to make Sushi can be a fun experience to do as a couple or even with a close friend or family member. Maybe you and your cousin both love Sushi and have just matriculated – treat yourselves to some Sushi lessons and learn to make Sushi like a pro.

Celestial Gift Experiences offers Sushi lessons for two valued at R690.00 “The Sushi chef gives you an explanation of all the ingredients and explains how Sushi rice and rice vinegar is made after which you are coached through making a variety of Sushi dishes. [They] suggest that you take a large container as you will not be able to eat everything that you make!” Sushi making need not be a difficult task, all you need are a few lessons and you will be able to impress all your friends with how well you make Sushi. So, go on, check out Celestial Gift Experiences and find the Sushi experience you’ve been waiting for.

Written and prepared by Klara Loots

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