the bucket list

What is a Bucket List?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a bucket list is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying” – things you want to achieve before you “kick the bucket”.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

The Bucket List BlogThe  bucket has become synonymous with death thanks to the Middle Age execution method that involved a bucket being kicked out from under the victim, and from the Catholic custom whereby people paying their respects would sprinkle water from a bucket over the corpse.

The Bucket List, a 2007 movie, stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson who – faced with their own mortality – quickly set out to achieve everything they had ever dreamed of to find meaning in the twilight of their days. In this hilarious comedy, the stars highlight the importance of filling our days with fun and adventure on the journey towards making our dreams a reality.

Now, you don’t have to wait until you’re old and grey to create a bucket list – the younger you start, the more time you have to achieve everything, and possibly even add more adventures to your list.

Why Should I Create a Bucket List?

Success gurus agree that a bucket list is crucial to achieving your goals. Without basing your days on your plans and personal goals, you are bound to spend the bulk of your time caught up in  a flurry of mundane activity and no real progress towards your dreams.bucket list idea

If you feel that life is passing you by without much tangible achievement it is time to start paying attention to what’s really important to you. A bucket list is a fantastic tool to help you organise your goals.

Used correctly, your bucket list will inspire you to make your physical earthly years as pleasant and fulfilling as possible. It lists all those things you would love to achieve and experience to bring meaning to your existence.

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