Advanced Driving Courses: How to handle your high powered car

When you’re looking for things to do during the holidays, advanced driving courses are always a great investment. Perfect as a gift that keeps your loved ones safe on the roads. Why not attend a defensive driving course to learn how to handle your own powerful machine?

Life is more rushed, and more people are traveling faster to reach their destinations more quickly. If you have a teenager who has recently earned their driver’s license, signing them up for an advanced driving course will provide immense peace of mind.

Some of the best courses to help you or your loved one stay safe on the road, include the BMW defensive driving course, or BMW collision avoidance and skid control experiences.

Investing in a BMW, Ferrari or Mercedes’ advanced driving course or driving experience with an advanced driver trainer is a fantastic idea if you’re buying a powerful car. Opt for one of the BMW high performance driving courses to learn how to make the most of your new vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz also offers a range of advanced driver training programs, such as the Dynamic Track, Dynamic Skid, or a combination of the two.

An advanced driving training day is designed to help improve driving awareness, develop confidence behind the wheel, and learn defensive driving skills to prevent accidents. Trainers incorporate advanced driving skills, skid control and collision avoidance in high performance driving training. It helps the driver to be confident in their own driving abilities and to understand the car and its technologies.

All courses mentioned are either half day or full day experience courses.

Professional driving instructors facilitate the sessions, which are aimed at acquiring new skills and saving lives.

View our complete listing of advanced driving experiences here.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience ideal for all car enthusiasts.

Driving Gift Experience

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