Aerobatic Flights & Tummy Flip Flops

Do you love the feel of the wind against your skin, or seeing the landscape pass underneath you? Do you love having your head in the clouds, just to be whipped around by G-force?  You will absolutely love these aerobatic flights, which were personally vetted by the Bucket List Genie.

If you’ve ever attended an air show with aerobatics, you know exactly how tempting it can be. You want to experience that exhilaration and feel your tummy drop into your toes. Well, now is your chance!

Over the years, we have compiled a list of some of the most incredible sky adventures in South Africa. From sky dining to microlight flights, hot air balloon rides and scenic flights in helicopters or Classic Harvard flights to high performance gyrocopter flights, we have something for everyone.

Here are some of our most popular sky adventure flights:

Aeronautics fans will love the opportunity to experience aerobatics in a full-throttle Pitts Special flight, which is recognised as the best aerobatics plane of all time. Take to the skies with this mind-blowing biplane as it does cuban eights, stall turns, wing-overs and loop-de-loops. Your flight will be hosted by a renowned display pilot, offering a full running commentary and explaining the technical aspects of the manoeuvres.

The Classic Harvard flight takes place in a classic, American WW2 advanced trainer over Johannesburg. The T6 Texan Harvard has taught more military aviators to fly than any other aviators in history. Experience the thrill of a big, beefy warbird with a powerful 550hp Pratt & Whitney radial tearing you through the sky, doing aerobatic flips.

All pilots who facilitate our scenic flights and aerobatic rides have undergone intensive aerobatic training and have racked up thousands of flight hours.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to experience aerobatic flight first hand!

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