Fun Things to Do with Family in Durban

Durban has been the holiday destination of choice for inlanders for many years, and with good reason. The bustling city’s multicultural blend of friendly, happy people welcomes visitors to the golden beaches and huge shopping malls.  But when you’re on holiday with the family, that presents a fantastic opportunity to get away from the screens, and enjoy nature. After all, Durban is known as the land of the fun, sun and sea.

Speaking of the sea, why don’t you kick off with a scenic coastline cruise?  A spectacular scenic boat cruise on a 58 foot catamaran off the Durban coastline, your deep sea cruise will start at the harbour channel for a fun-filled excursion that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Then, head into the forest for a canopy tour adventure consisting of ten platforms and slides that zig-zag down through a pristine forested valley or ancient rocky gorge. Two trained guides accompany the tour and ensure the safety of each group while also pointing out any interesting plants, birds or animals along the way.

Finally, head to PheZulu Safari Park in the heart of the magnificent Valley of a Thousand Hills for a scenic 2 hour Segway Safari and Game Drive. Phezulu Village is home to a world-renowned Gasa clan that gives visitors the opportunity to truly experience the heartbeat of Africa that radiates from traditional Zulu huts. Experience the Zulu culture and rituals and beliefs, while feasting your eyes on the incredible artifacts they create. Phezulu is also home to a Crocodile and Snake Park, where you can meet Ramesis, a 90 year old Nile crocodile, and Cleo, a 42 kilogram Burmese python.

While these are our top 3 picks for family things to do in Durban, the city has much more to offer, including scenic flights, cruises, spa experiences and even gondola rides. Book your adventures ahead to avoid missing out on all the fun!

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