Gift Experiences in South Africa 2020

Is it me, or has it become harder to buy people gifts – I’m talking about physical, material gifts? What do you give someone who has everything? Perhaps it’s our instant-gratification, disposable economy that’s made it so difficult. Of course it is great that things are so easily accessible. You can buy whatever you want from anywhere in the world at any time;  that’s probably why so many of us have issues with clutter in our homes. Perhaps it’s time to rethink our approach to gifting. Instead of buying clutter, it’s time to start buying gift experiences.

No matter how much someone loves the gift you bought them, material items have a shelf life. Socks develop holes, personal care products run out, and appliances stop working. That’s sad after googling “gifts for him”, “gifts for her” and “40th Birthday Gifts” for days… However, adventure gifts last in someone’s memory bank for a lifetime.

When should I give gift experiences?

While we give gifts for birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions, a gift experience can be given whenever you want the recipient to feel special. Whether it’s an adventure experience they’ve always dreamed of, or something you imagine they would absolutely love, there’s no hard and fast rules as to when you could gift it. It can be a 30th birthday gift, a wedding gift or just because.

Let’s look at some examples of some of the most amazing gift experiences available in South Africa in 2020.

Spa Day Gift Experiences:

New year off to a bumpy start? Escape to your nearest spa for a moonlight spa for two, a chocolate body wrap and hot stone massage, a high tea and massage for one, or a steam room delight for two. These spa days are available in various major centres in South Africa.

Driving Gift Experiences:

At a loss when it comes to gifts for him? You can’t go wrong with these motorsport gifts. Every adventure lover will appreciate a Jeep dune adventure, BMW drifting experience, off-road 4×4 adventure, a Harley Davidson Pillion ride or a variety of track days.

Air Gift Experiences:

Always wanted to learn to fly? Take to South Africa’s sunny skies with a hot air balloon flight, helicopter flight and luxury beach picnic for two, or even a helicopter pub crawl for two.

Dining Gift Experiences:

Turn the ordinary dinner to the next level with a VIP helicopter flight and first class dinner, dinner in the sky, message in a bottle gondola ride and fine dining for two, or even a dinner cruise on South Africa’s coastline.

Date Night Gift Experiences:

Forget about dinner and a movie, and take your love on an unforgettable date consisting of a private sunset horseback safari and overnight stay in a luxury suite, a beach picnic, glamping in a wigwam and outdoor hot tub for two, or an overnight dinner and private cinema for two.

With so many options to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice, but you’re bound to find the perfect gift for your special loved one.

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