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Top 2 reasons helicopter flights make great gifts

What do you give someone who has it all? Can you think of a gift they will cherish and remember forever? Wouldn’t a voucher for a helicopter ride around Durban and its breathtaking surroundings be the perfect thing to give?

The perfect gift for your next special occasion or holiday is right here. Experience the wonders and interesting sites of eThekwini from the air. Whether you are planning a surprise celebration for an anniversary or looking for the magical proposal idea/package to impress that special one, a helicopter flight is as close to Aladdin’s flying carpet as you are ever likely to experience – the ultimate gift of love. Allow us to take you on a flight, not of fantasy, but of feast…a visual feast of one of Africa’s most iconic and breathtaking cities.

What is not special about flying in a helicopter?

Nothing, Nada, Méiyǒu shé me – everything about this experience is something special that will be savored, remembered and re-lived over and over again. Whether it’s private charter flights or scenic flights, the adventure will leave you breathless. South Africa has the most helicopters in Sub-Saharan Africa, but have you ever flown in one? Here are the two top reasons why helicopter flights make great 40th, 50th and 60th birthday gifts, as well as a hyper-romantic engagement idea.

1.   Instagram-worthy moments

There is no doubt that pretty much everything posted on Instagram is meant to make others jealous. Posting birthday pictures of your stylish picnic on top of a plateau with a panoramic view of the city, ocean, stadium and the Valley of a Thousand Hills, will have your followers green with envy. There will be numerous, once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities for you to capture, share and treasure – from sunset aerial shots of you with your headset on, to breaching whales…the possibilities are endless.

2.   A thrill seeker’s delight

Relatively few people have had the opportunity of experiencing helicopter flights. Flying in a helicopter makes you feel like a celebrity, or James Bond. It has an exotic and enticing aura. It is just you and a glass bubble hovering above the city, as much a part of the southern skies as the birds sharing it with you. A birthday helicopter ride is a thrilling yet totally safe experience.

Book your flight today

Although the global pandemic has clipped peoples wings somewhat, this is still a safe activity for us to enjoy. To add a little Durban spice and African adventure to your life consider a helicopter flight from CG Charters.

Your flight is approximately 45 min long and includes low-level, adrenaline-filled flying along the Umgeni Valley and a spectacular picnic on top of a mountain – not to mention unforgettable views from South African skies.

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