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What is your idea of the ultimate romantic date? People have different ideas about what the perfect date should be. Romantic dates have the power to revitalise and enhance intimacy in a relationship. Whether it’s a date night or the perfect engagement idea, or a wedding or anniversary gift, your partner will be blown away with a helicopter ride.

If you want your memorable date to succeed, remember your partner’s favorite things. A few additional special touches can make your night together unforgettable and romantic.

One person may prefer a stroll on the beach while another may prefer dinner and a movie. Of course, some would prefer more adventurous dates. What are adventure dates? Adventure dates include skydiving, helicopter flights, diving, a mountain-top night, or a bike ride.

A Guide to Planning Exciting Helicopter Flights and Adventurous Date Nights

Here are important tips to get you started on planning the most incredible date night for your loved one. Adventure dates that involve unforgettable helicopter flights can create incredible memories that will last a lifetime; no wonder it’s often on lists of best 40th birthday gifts, perfect 50th birthday gifts and 60th birthday gifts.

Always remember:

  • Your partner’s preferences matter
  • Make plans early
  • Pick a time, date, and place that suits you both
  • Don’t forget the little things
  • Man or woman is defined by their manners

Your partner’s preferences are always important

This adventure date should be dedicated to your partner and how important they are to you. Take the time to think about what he or she likes, including favorite food, places, and fun activities. You can use this information to plan a stylish proposal package date that your partner can enjoy with you.

Take a look at some of your partner’s absolute favorite things and add them to your evening together. If your partner loves chocolate, get a box which you can give to them when you arrive at your helicopter ride.

Book helicopter flights as early as possible

Remember to make the helicopter flights booking early and plan at least a month in advance to get a head start. Because flights are often weather dependent, it’s a good idea to plan for the weather in your city. Look at the forecasts and plan your dates accordingly.

An anniversary or other special occasion deserves special treatment. Consider activities and special moments that your partner will enjoy.

Pick A Time, Date, And Location For Your Helicopter Adventure Date

Your romantic date should be on a day that is convenient for both of you. If your loved one is exhausted during the workweek, schedule a weekend date instead. You want to be sure that your partner is excited and enjoys their helicopter ride. Make sure to mark your calendars so you both will be available for your romantic date.

You can let your partner know in advance or keep the helicopter ride and evening a surprise. The invitation could be simple, such as “I was wondering if we could do something to celebrate our anniversary.” Or, ‘What do you think about going on adventure dates?’.

You can ask a friend to help you plan a fake outing so that there will be nothing else going on that day. Afterward, they can cancel at the last minute. By doing this, you can be sure your partner is available without ruining your romantic plans.

VIP Helicopter Flights & Dining That Will Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet

Helicopter flights are an awesome way to sweep your partner off their feet in a memorable way. You and your loved one can take a scenic flight, and then sit down and enjoy some fine dining. You could even end your evening off with an activity that your partner enjoys?

Helicopter charter flight packages are excellent for romantic dates and birthdays, as well as corporate gifts, reward incentives, and special occasions. With CG professionals, you can expect a keen eye for detail, safety, and enjoyment in monitoring, organizing, and managing helicopter flights at all times.

Celestial Gift Experiences provides world-class scenic flights, helicopter charter services and private flights for all your wedding gift, anniversary or proposal package requirements.


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