Helicopter Flights: Romatic Date Ideas

helicopter flights

Helicopter flights elevate your relationship to a completely new level. A romantic date can improve your relationship and boost intimacy. Plan a romantic date that your partner will enjoy, and remember small gestures matter.

The perfect date is different for each individual. Some people prefer long walks on the beach, while others enjoy dinner and a movie. Many couples opt for adventure dates such as skiing, helicopter flights, biking, and mountaineering.

The key to successful date nights is commitment, but we often put them off until they are necessary. Regular date nights are essential to building a strong relationship. Couples who regularly date report that their relationships are “very happy.”.

Great Tips For Planning Successful Unforgettable Romantic Dates

Helicopter flights are weather dependent and in high demand, so you want to book early. When you have a lot on your plate, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. Plan your romantic date, and don’t let anything derail it!

Whatever you do, don’t forget the date you chose for your helicopter flight. Your phone, calendar, planner, or refrigerator can be used to add a romantic date reminder. It has been shown that if you plan, schedule, and commit to doing anything, you are more likely to follow through. Of course, it’s easier to remember dates that are around a 40th birthday.

Remember that you and your partner are a team, even when planning romantic dates. You don’t want to miss your helicopter flights, so remind each other before your date.

Dating is about spending quality time together, without distractions. Put your phone on silent or better yet, go completely hands-free if you are on a romantic date. Of course, you’ll need your phone or camera to take photos during your scenic flights.

Before a romantic date, you should handle any issues that need to be resolved. Before your romantic date, respond to your emails, send texts, and finish work so you can fully focus on your helicopter ride date. Staying focused will help you connect with your date.

Helicopter Ride With Champagne And A Mountaintop Stop

Are you on top of the world because of your love? Take a helicopter ride with a champagne mountain stop for two and demonstrate that you cherish your one-on-one time together.

Helicopter flights are the perfect gift for a birthday (whether it’s a 40th birthday gift or a 60th birthday gift idea, an anniversary, or even for a romantic proposal. Private charter flights transport you from Krugersdorp Airport on scenic flights to mountain tops with spectacular views. You’ll have thirty minutes to sip champagne, declare your love, or take in the views before boarding and enjoying the return helicopter ride.

Private charter flights are very popular, so book well in advance. Please note that a helicopter charter is weather-dependent. Private charter flights include:

  • An unforgettable 20-minute Helicopter ride
  • 30 minutes on a mountaintop enjoying bubbly for two
  • Enjoy scenic flights and land at the top of the Zwartkops Mountains at the Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa
  • Private flights are available year-round
  • Scenic flights accommodate two adults, and the maximum weight per passenger is 110 kg

World-class Experiences: Helicopter Flights For Romantic Dates

When taking scenic flights, take pictures of what you see so that you can revisit those feelings and be inspired for your future helicopter flights. It is common for us to let life pass by and not remember our past experiences with our partners.

The Bucket List Genie and her team of experienced professionals will help you arrange your private charter flights. Our suppliers are professionals who pay attention to safety and customer satisfaction. Book your unforgettable helicopter flights today.

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