Helicopter Flights: Wedding Gift Idea

helicopter flights

Like marriage, helicopter flights are an extraordinary adventure with many ups and downs. Scenic flights offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience plus unforgettable adventure. If you fancy the idea of enjoying a helicopter ride along the Durban coastline why not add this to your wedding gift bucket list?

The best view of the world is from the air! For those who wish to experience something new, a helicopter ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In this article, we will explore how you can spoil your loved ones with helicopter flights.

Alternatively, private charter flights are a great marriage proposal idea. Or if you are simply looking for a great date-night idea why not try something new? A helicopter ride is an awesome couples getaway. Private charter flights allow you to see the city in an unusual way and get a close-up view of it.

Helicopter Flights And Adventure Dates Taking Love To New Heights

It’s no surprise that helicopter flights are in demand. On a helicopter ride, you will experience thrills and authenticity like never before. With helicopter private charter flights, you will discover the world in a new way.

Many people use scenic flights for various purposes, such as to propose, as a wedding gift, as an anniversary present, or just to have an adventure. Helicopter flight gift certificates are also used as birthday gifts and corporate incentives.

Why not give a whole new meaning to love in the air by gifting your loved one with a helicopter charter? The benefits of a helicopter ride include:

  • Amazing breathtaking views
  • Take your tour to a new level
  • See the world in a different way
  • Create lasting memories
  • Makes the ideal gift

Adventure Dates: Why Durbanites And Visitors Should Take A Spectacular Helicopter Ride

On helicopter flights from the City of Durban, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking views! Helicopter flights offer a fantastic way to see Durban’s breathtaking coast and the Valley of a Thousand Hills. Durban ranked as the 7th best place to visit in The New York Times’ 52 places to visit list for 2015.

Durban is a popular tourist destination in South Africa. Durban offers residents and visitors a little of Miami and a little of Rio. The rest of the world is finally catching on to what Durbanites have known all along – Durban is enchanting.

A helicopter charter route starts at Moses Mabhida Stadium and continues to the harbor, taking you along the picturesque coast with its vibrant promenade and clear blue waters.

A bird’s eye view of the ocean from hundreds of feet in the air is nothing short of amazing. You might even spot a few dolphins!

Following a helicopter ride that creates a sense of touching skyscrapers and mountains, you’ll land at a scenic lookout point where you can savor a picnic fit for a king. Helicopter flights are a perfect unique idea for a romantic date or a wedding gift.

Gift Certificates For Helicopter Flights Make The Perfect Wedding Gift

You want your wedding or the wedding of a loved one to be stylish and memorable. A perfect wedding gift or any gift for that matter could be luxury trips. A growing number of activity gift certificates are being purchased for helicopter flights.

Why not gift a world-class experience that will inspire the mind, touch the heart, and energize the senses? Why not take advantage of CG’s innovative and stylish activity vouchers. CG private charters flights that are reliable, professional, and of a world-class standard.

Why not consider a helicopter ride for any of the following:

Private charter flights must be monitored, organized, and managed by professionals. Choose a company that is passionate about delivering unforgettable world-class helicopter flights.


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