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I believe I can fly!  Experience the thrill of helicopter flying now!

Flying is awesome and R Kelly even wrote a song so we can all believe we can fly… But it’s tricky for some. Want to try it out before signing up for expensive classes? If it’s not for you, then at least you will enjoy an incredible experience.

Is it difficult to fly a helicopter?

A helicopter is difficult to fly at first, but it gets easier as you get more comfortable. After some practice, maneuvers become second nature, much like riding a bike. As much as you’ll study (the boring part), you’ll also fly a lot (the NOT boring part). Learning to operate a giant machine high above the ground, and in any situation, will take up much of your education.

At first the controls can seem daunting. Helicopters respond to the smallest of movements from either the wrist or foot controls. Overcompensating is one of the most common beginner mistakes, and you will feel a bit like a yo-yo at first. Once you learn that less is more, flying a helicopter becomes easier.

Since hovering is the first thing taught, it can seem more challenging than anything that follows. After you master how to hover (usually a few hours), you can move on to more complex techniques.

Beginners are not fully aware of what, or whatnot, a helicopter is capable of, and so many maneuvers seem very difficult and scary at first. Practice makes perfect and soon you’ll be flying with your eyes close

Factors that influence helicopter flying

Under certain conditions helicopter flights can become even more challenging. The more hours you spend training, the better prepared you will be to safely negotiate your craft.

High altitude

It’s harder to fly helicopters in a high altitude environment than at sea level. It may be a little harder learning to fly in Johannesburg than in Durban but this will just make you a better pilot.

Weather conditions

Pilots that learn to fly in perfect weather and situations may lack the skills required to work jobs like:

  • Search and rescue
  • Emergency services

Although we are known for great weather, things can change in an instant, making our location perfect for first timers, and more experienced pilots.

Instrument flying

An instrument rating is a requirement for helicopter pilots. Using only the instruments makes flying a helicopter much more difficult but allows pilots to fly in fog or rain when visibility is impeded.

Is helicopter flying for you?

If the thought of spending your day in a bubble high above Earth, with 360° views of spectacular scenery is something that excites you, but you would like to ‘try before you buy’ then this introductory flight will help you decide whether you’re ready for life in the sky. You will spend about twenty minutes in the air after a theoretical introduction to helicopter piloting. As part of your flight, you will be able to fly the helicopter yourself. You will also get the feel of maneuvering the helicopter and learn how to hover.

The gift of flight

Do you need a unique gift for someone you love, or for yourself? At Celestial Gift Experiences we have a fantastic selection of helicopter flying gifts, from proposal ideas/packages, 40th birthdays and wedding gifts to private charter flights and learn to fly experiences. If you, or someone you know, wants to learn how to take the controls of a helicopter with a flying lesson under the guidance of experts, why not give us a call today.

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