Hot Air Balloon Safari Over African Skies

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Take the thrill of flying, the adventure of a safari and the romance of a hot air balloon ride – twist it together like a sweet South African koeksister – and enjoy going up, up and away!

A Little Hot Air History

Ever since Pilatre De Rozier, a French scientist, launched the first hot air balloon in 1783, the popularity of this glamorous and romantic activity has skyrocketed. There is perhaps no better way to take in the beauty of South Africa than to go hot air ballooning. A beautiful, uninterrupted view of the beautiful countryside is yours from high above. Hot air balloon flights offer a mystical experience and in today’s world you can practically design your own bespoke package. Can you think of a better gift for a 50th birthday, anniversary or the ultimate proposal idea?

Bucket List Genie Fun Fact: In December 1913, Hugo Kaulen took off from Bietterfield, Germany on an epic 87-hour flight that saw him land deep in Russia. He travelled 2800km in the 87 hours he was aloft, setting a record that was only broken in 1935.

Soaring Southern Skies

Originally, South Africa’s military used hot air balloons for reconnaissance. During the Boer War, balloons filled with hydrogen gas were used by the army as observation points for tracking movements and locating enemy camps. The first hot air balloon landed on South African soil in 1969, and in 1972 a balloon section was founded by the Aero Club of South Africa.

 Bucket List Genie  Fun Fact: Twenty two years ago, on 21 March 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones completed the longest flight in aviation history, both in terms of distance and duration. After traveling 45 755km in 19 days, 21 hours, and 55 minutes, they landed in the Egyptian desert on March 1, 1999.

Your African Air Safari

Gently start ascending in your hot air balloon, and rise into the South African sky to meet the sun for the most incredible dawn greeting. Float silently with the wind as the sun lights up panoramic views that evokes feelings of awe and watch zebras, wildebeest and other animals from a completely unique perspective. This is your African safari in the air – your once in a lifetime experience. End in style with a 5-star buffet breakfast served with sparkling wine and orange juice.

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