How to Give Fantastic Rewards, Prizes and Incentives

Richard Branson says, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” The famous entrepreneur’s success lies in the way he treats his employees. In addition to his leadership skills and ensuring that his people have the tools they need to effectively perform their duties, he also truly cares about them. How can YOU show your employees that you care?

A thank you note to the employee, along with a small token of your appreciation (make sure it’s something personal, but not intimate). A note to the family is another way to show how valuable they are to you.

● Ensure they have a comfortable desk and chair and decent computer and other equipment.
● Public recognition is a great way to thank valuable employees.
● Give them a day off, or pay them double time.
● Provide a flexible work schedule.
● Pay for their education.
● Give away coupons or gift cards.

Incentives are Not Only for Employees

While Richard Branson values his employees more than he does his clients, no business would survive without its customers. That’s why it’s important to consider ways to thank them too by means of exclusive offers, competitions, giveaways, and membership benefits. Here are some of the best ways to incentivise your VIPs in specific instances:

Want to expand? Market research is an important investment, and what better way to involve your audience than through competitions? The lure of prizes to be won is always effective… What will they win? Well, that depends on your company… But it could range from breakfast in the sky, to a picnic and full body massage, high performance driving experience, or an xtreme gyrocopter flight.

Want to spoil your loyal clients for their ongoing support? Treat them to a special helicopter flight package, or an absolute spa ceremony.

Knowing your team is key to knowing how to incentivise them or thank them for work well done. If your team is a tight-knit family, treat them to a team building farmhouse party weekend on the Crocodile River, or give them a voucher for experience days that appeal to their personal preferences. Adventurous people will love coastal microlight flights or high performance gyrocopter flights. Treat Janet, who always brings scones, to a sushi making course, and give Travis, who comes to work on his Vespa, a voucher for a Harley Davidson convoy ride.

Experience vouchers or activity coupons are awesome incentive ideas for employees, or for competition winners. Check out our list of options.

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