Picnics: Your secret to success

Summer in South Africa calls for al fresco dining and laid back relaxation.

What better way to make the most of it than with a picnic? When you’re looking for things to do in Cape Town or elsewhere, there’s something magical about a picnic, whether it is for a smallish group, your immediate family, or just the “two of us”… Being out in nature just feels right, and when it is paired with great food and something cold to sip on, it creates the perfect setting to live, laugh and love.

That’s in theory, at least. In reality, most of us tend to forget the most important elements that add that last little bit of convenience:

● Scatter cushions to make your spot cozy.
● A bottle opener – well, that’s self-explanatory!
● Paper towels to wipe up spills and to serve as napkins.
● Cutlery – unless you opt for soggy sandwiches and finger foods.
● A cutting board – for that crusty bread and deli meat rolls.
● Mosquito spray – because they will have you itching to leave sooner than you wish.
● Sunscreen – especially if there’s not much shade at your picnic spot.
● Trash bags – to clean up after yourself.
● Hand sanitizer or wipes – handy for cleaning hands and faces.

Okay, let’s be honest for a second. We all love a good picnic, right? As long as we don’t have to do the preparation. We like the idea of a picnic, but don’t want to be held responsible for its success. Well, the good news is that the Bucket List Genie has found a loophole that makes a picnic fun and successful, and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of…

Check out some of these amazing options: picnic in the sky for two, oysters and bubbly in the botanical gardens for two (or ten, if you’re celebrating a special occasion!), family horseback safari and picnic, secluded night picnic and overnight stay on the Rhenosterspruit… These are just a few of the amazing options available to you from our listings. [Seriously, check out our listings by clicking here!].

There are picnics in Cape Town, Gauteng, and across the country. Enjoy picnic spots ranging from luxury yachts to riverbanks or mountain tops, in cinemas, in spas, gondolas, on the beach, in an open air cave suite, and many more. All our experiences include ready made picnic baskets to suit your tastes and preferences – from finger foods to gourmet picnic baskets, wine estate picnics and many more.

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