Fun Things To Do In Pretoria

With its diverse geography and people, the city is perfectly located to deliver all the fun things to do in Pretoria that you need to keep the family entertained. Looking for the next adrenaline rush? Well, the Bucket List Genie never disappoints.

We’ve combined a few exciting adventures to keep you busy. Whether you’re looking for things to do with the family or friends, we have you covered.

Bucket List Genie’s Top 5 Things to Do in Pretoria

Pretoria may be a bustling city, but there’s a lot to see and do within a short 90-minute drive from just about anywhere. Adrenaline junkies can’t get enough of all the driving adventures on offer. From half-day Drifting Courses in a purpose-built Chevrolet Lumina to advanced, high performance BMW Driving Courses (complete with collision avoidance and skid control), you’ll be ready to take on the fast lane.

Looking to cross “own a Mercedes Benz” off your bucket list in 2019? Then you can’t go wrong by booking yourself into one of the various Mercedes Benz Driving Courses. Take the track for a more conservative driving education, or opt for a few laps on the skid pan.

Want to escape from the hustle and bustle? Opt for a day of sun, fun, and fresh air, starting with a City Slicker Cattle Drive. You’ll have an opportunity to be a cowboy or cowgirl for the day as you round up cattle on horseback. 

End your day in the countryside with a Full Moon Zipline with BBQ Experience. After a game drive, you will enjoy a delicious bush braai on the deck, followed by a moonlight zip line tour across the Muningi Gorge.

There’s no need to be bored with so many fun things to do in Pretoria.

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