Advanced Driving Experiences South Africa

If you’ve always dreamed of taking the wheel of a powerful, luxury car, that opportunity is now within your reach. The Bucket List Genie has always made a point of finding the most exciting bucket list experiences to help you complete your advanced driving list.

These amazing driving experiences in South Africa are the perfect introduction to high-powered cars. Each driving experience includes a safety briefing and introduction to each vehicle from professional facilitators and drivers.

Book one of these amazing driving experiences for yourself, or that special person:

The BMW Defensive Driving Course will help you gain a greater awareness of external factors that influence driving situations. Learn to identify road hazards and escape routes  in order to place your vehicle in the safest possible position on the road. This course will help expand your driving knowledge and how to keep your vehicle superbly under control.

The Ferrari Driving Experience will give you a one-on-one driver’s briefing as you prepare to strap yourself into the driver’s seat of a Ferrari 360 Challenge race car. A pro racing driver will join you, providing professional instructions and show you how to unleash the power of this amazing race car for 10 minutes. You will also enjoy two laps in the car as a passenger with a professional racing driver.

The BMW Collision Avoidance & Skid Control experience is the perfect driver training program for a new BMW owner. This hands-on training will show you the difference in how the vehicle behaves with and without the state-of-the-art BMW safety systems.

The Rally Self Drive experience is a bucket list must-have for every adrenaline junkie. You will be introduced to the art of rally driving as a sport, and the behaviour of rally cars. You will learn about the rules of rallying, and then you will have an opportunity to speed around the bushveld, and the Special Stage, accompanied by a professional navigator, followed by a hotseat spin with a professional instructor.

With these driving experiences in South Africa, you will never run out of opportunities to experience high speed excitement all while learning new skills.

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