Celebrating Heritage Day

Heritage Day

Welcome to the month of celebrating our Heritage. Each and everyone of us have a different focus where heritage is concerned.

What does it mean to you? What do you enjoy about the Heritage of our beautiful South Africa?

Heritage encompasses so much. It could be, braaing, delicious cultural dishes/specialities, architecture, clothing, jewelry, art, headdresses, music, specific skills, indigenous flora or scenery.

For me, I have the privilege to celebrate the heritage of scenery; mountains, and indigenous flora and fauna because trail running is my ultimate escape and an interest I enjoy often. I am completely in love with South Africa’s wild mountains and wild beaches. In fact I cannot get enough of the raw expanse of space here in SA.

We have so much to enjoy and for most of us, we can enjoy such untouched beauty almost right on our doorsteps.

I do acknowledge that our country has many challenges; but I choose to focus on all the incredible aspects of our beautiful country, of which there are so many.

Given that we are all so beautifully different and so are our interests, which part of South African heritage interests you? and what are your plans to enjoy more of it?

South Africa’s tourism sector took a hugh knock over the past few months. Why not celebrate the beauty of South Africa and experience all the wonderful activities on offer. Browse our online experience menue at Celestial Gift Experiences for a truly amazing South African experience for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Lots of love to you all and keep getting out there to enjoy rich, diverse experiences (many without cost), here in our beautiful South Africa.

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