Things To Do Near Me In Johannesburg

Things To Do In Johannesburg

Looking for exciting things to do near me in Johannesburg has never been easier with the help of Celestial Gift Experiences. Established in 2005 this trusted experiences focused company has done all the hard work in sourcing out-of-this world packages designed to achieve your once-in-a-lifetime goals. Everything from adrenalin fuelled, high octane adventures, to luxury yachts, and relaxing spa’s to just name a few. Let’s take a closer look at what is on offer in culture rich Johannesburg.

Let’s begin with the Extreme Gyrocopter Flight from Benoni Airfield. This incredible scenic flight experience will have you soaring high above the Johannesburg skyline in a gyroplane (also known as a gyrocopter). Gyroplanes are faster than helicopter rides and are very manoeuvrable, making them ideal for stunts and aerial acrobatics. Not for the faint of heart, making this a thrilling thing to do near me.

If you’re looking for things to do with your partner, the Golf and Spa Overnight Break for Two package is perfect. Upon arrival at The Fairway Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort on the Randpark Golf Course take in the breathtaking scenery. You’ll be shown to your stately double-room to relax and relish a delicious breakfast the next morning. Once breakfast is done enjoy a round of golf with golf cart for one, and sheer relaxation at the spa for the other.

Ever wanted to go on a boat cruise? The Sunday Lunch Cruise for Ten on the Vanderbijlpark on Vaal experience is the perfect treat for anyone looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or simply because it’s a fun thing to do. Begin with a welcome aperitif followed by a delectable 3-course buffet. Once you’re nicely satiated, relax in the jacuzzi or on sun loungers on the top deck as you drift past and enjoy the stunning scenery.

For those with a flair for culinary arts, the Sushi Lesson for Two both sounds and is delicious. You’ll want to take some containers along, as there will be plenty of food to take back home. Fully equipped, and under the guidance of a top sushi chef, you’ll learn how to prepare a variety of dishes. The thoroughly stocked kitchen will have everything you need to perfect your newly honed sushi skills and satisfy that need for things to do!

Nature enthusiasts and animal lovers will delight in the Horse Whispering for Ten at the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy. This highly emotive experience will take you to a deeper level of connection with yourself and others around you. Horses with their finely tuned senses have incredible intuition to tell what a person is truly feeling. This in turn almost forces those around them to be their truest selves. Something all of us could do with now and then. No equestrian experience is necessary for this soulful adventure.

 So, don’t delay, visit for further information on things to do near me, and to book your experience. Each package comes with a Happiness Guarantee and has been personally vetted by The Bucket List Genie herself.

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