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In a world where all your maddest wishes can come true, it's time to flirt, snitch or drink your way to victory! So are you a flirt or a snitch? It's time to find out! Taking truth or dare to a brave and slightly bonkers new level. MadWish Pro is the all new party board game which challenges you to do things you never expected! Combing naughtiness, terrible secrets and potentially quite a few shots, once you've stepped into the world MadWish you can never go back! No matter how many people there are at your party, everyone can play this ridiculously cringe worthy game, from two to one hundred and two, no one's secrets are safe! All we recommend is avoiding Christmas Day with folks, as that could get super awkward pretty darn fast. All it takes to play is simply take turns spinning the bottle in the center, which will land you on snitch, shot, truth or dare! Choose crazy dare or revealing secret, snitching on a friend or take a shot!

Just remember whatever happens; don't hate me, hate the game!


  • 100 Dare cards
  • 100 Truth cards
  • 50 go cards
  • Shot glass
  • Playing board
  • Rules
  • Mad wish bottle
  • Attachment Pin


Physical gift

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