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Nanodots are powerful 5mm diameter magnetic spheres made from sintered Neodymium-iron-boron which is the world's strongest magnetic material.Nanodots were originally developed for education, with applications in geometry, chemistry, maths and magnetism.The neodymium orbs click together with ease, allowing you to combine simple symmetrical shapes to create complex creations. With enough sets (and a lot of patience!) you can create miniature spaceships, motorcycles, elephants can even be worn as jewellery.Each 'dot' is electroplated for durability, precisely crafted and polished for the formation of attractive magnetic models .Modelling with Nanodots is only limited by your imagination. The dots provide a versatile creative outlet, as well as a tool for exploring geometry and structure.Devote serious time to constructing elaborate structures or absent-mindedly fidget with them while doing other work. Youll find your fingers being attracted to this curious plaything again and again.


  • Powerful 5mm magnetic spheres made from Neodymium
  • Each 'dot' is electroplated and polished for durability
  • Supplied in a pack containing 216 dots
  • World's strongest permanent magnet
  • Withstands extremely heavy use and coating will not rub off in your hands
  • With a half-life of 10 000 years, their magnetism will last

Warning: Not suitable for children under 14


Physical gift

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