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TOPK Wireless Charger for iPhone Xs Max X 8 Plus 10W Fast Charging Pad for Samsung Note 9 Note 8 S10 Plus.

Heres the TOPK Wireless charger for Samsung/iPhone and other Qi-enabled devices. Well, its not uncommon to go to bed with your smartphone to see out that Whatsapp chat or listen to just that one song before actually going to bed.

What usually follows - just as you begin to dose off - is you start groping about in the dark for your charging cable. You then fidget connecting the cable to your phones port.

The way you look at it, your phones got to get some juice through the night or youre pretty much screwed for most of the next day. No one wants that. And that, really, sums up WHY wireless chargers. Nothing beats the convenience of merely placing your phone blindly - sleepily even - on a flat, expectant pad and just like that, youre juicin up.

However, if youre not sure what to look for in a wireless charging pad, you may end up grabbing a terrible one. Good news is, youre in luck - because this particular TOPK model is quite the winner as its got everything to look for in a wireless charger. Well dive into all that in a bit, but first:

  • Compatible with all Qi-enabled (wireless charging enabled) device models.
  • 10W wireless fast-charging for supported Samsung devices, 5W for Apple and other Qi-enabled devices.
  • Micro USB cable 48cm supplied (for powering the charger)
  • Intelligent Protect charging technology (Temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit protection, and more).
  • 5mm charging distance (no need to remove phone case/cover).
  • Lightweight, portable, flat, disc-shaped.
  • Sleek, chic, elegant with a masculinely subtle, patterned design.
  • Tough outer protective shell.
  • Soft LED light to indicate charging.
  • Non-slip protective pads.
Will charge any device + Supports fast wireless charging for enabled Samsung devices.

You dont want to buy a charger for your Samsung and a separate one for your Apple devices. Well, this charger will charge them all.

It supports fast-charging for your supported Samsung devices, which means youll have a full charge in much less time. Apple devices also get 10% faster charging than with standard wireless chargers.

Intelligent technology to charge your phone safely

If your device supports wireless charging, then it certainly isnt cheap. So above all, you dont want some flimsy wireless charger messing things up. Suitably, this TOPK charger comes with an intelligent charging technology that protects your phone from all manner of electric calamity that can befall it. The tech also keeps your phone temperature at bay so it doesnt heat up as it charges, which is pretty neat, eh!

Looks chic & flashy. Plus, its as portable as they come.

Thanks to its lightweight, flat, thin, disc-shaped design, this is one portable wireless charger. You could literally walk around with it in your hands if it came down to it. Portability aside, another incentive to carry this charger around is this bad boy also looks stunning. Its covered in a stylish, elegant, patterned design that doesnt take away from the tough, protective outlook.

NOTE: While it goes without saying, be sure your phone supports wireless charging. Also, to enjoy fast-charging be sure youve got a supported fast-charging adapter or check some out weve got in store.


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